Thursday, August 7, 2008

from the 'i enjoy all the popular youth trends' dept.

Years ago when hybrids first came out, I said, "I wonder if in a few years there are going to be a rash of incidents of pedestrians getting hit at slow speeds by hybrids because they didn't hear them?"

Well, I haven't heard about any cases (though I'm sure there have been some), but Lotus is apparently thinking along the same lines. They've developed a system for hybrids to make an engine sound when the engine isn't actually running.

Choice quote: "Wonder if we'll ever be able to purchase new exhaust tones from our in-dash navigation system -- '69 Shelby GT500, anyone?" After playing with my new iPhone (post to come) for two weeks that totally sounds like the future to me. :)

Also on the car front, some guy built Batman's Tumbler in his garage--driveable and everything! Cool, but a little insane.

One more car item: Uncle Rico's van (from Napoleon Dynamite) is up for sale on eBay. Sweet! And who knew Preston, Idaho had an annual Napoleon Dynamite film festival? How funny would it be to show up for that in Rico's van? :)

And on the iPhone, here's a funny story about somebody accidentally buying the $999.99 'I Am Rich' app, which (just looked) has apparently been pulled from the US App Store. About time! Apple, if you're going to force apps to pass approval you need to hire some better monkeys to screen them. Though I guess if it lets apps like NetShare through, I'm cool with it, even though you pulled it later.

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